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My own virtual book! Read away!

Here I have made up a virtual book! For free! Read as much as you want, print it and make pictures in it, or anything! 🙂

Saka98’s Clubpenguin virtual Book!

About: Hello, you! Yes, you!

We’ve seen that look on your great face. It’s excitment and *Bacon* Face! We’ll, In here we’ve slapped in some new tips, tricks, and even how to become famous!

We’ve said enough. Read on!




The cpc team.


How To Become Famous!

Step one: Create a website! I suggest wordpress or blogger.

Step two: Advertise your site! Comment on popular sites such as clubpenguincp and say

(Your review on the post/page)

P.S Click my name to go to my web

Alot of people trust this and will go to your website!

Step 3: Make videos! Download a Hypercam 2.0 and make a youtube account and build videos! Look out for How to make a CPMV In this book OR If you can’t make a youtube account, Insert the videos you make into your posts! Vistiters will tell their virtual friends about your website!

Step 4: Make website widgets! Make sure you put in codes so people can put them on their website!

Step 5: Make an army website! Call the URL (Example for wordpress) (Armyname here).com. On the upgrades page you can change your domain!

Step 6: Be a great blogger/ video maker! Make videos often and post on top of things! If you can’t handle all the things, It’s ok to quit or if you want tocontinue being ultra famous, you can move fromEx. WordPress to Blogger. MAKE SURE YOU TELL YOUR WEB VIEWERS OR YOUR NEW WEBSITE WILL HAVE UNFAMILIAR VIEWERS!

Step 7: Wait. Keep being a great blogger, and whenever you make a new vid/ icon  Ex.κÅ show your viewers! They will watch them and advertise.

Hints+ tricks!

Chat bubble trick

Have the chat history bar open and go like mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm until it fills the bar then click enter and look in the chat history bar and if you did it right it would look like athis: Saka98:

Saka98’s websites.


How to make a CPMV
First, Have a Hypercam and Itunes.
Second, Whenever a sentence starts, listnen, and pause, then type it in the chatbar.
Reapeat step 2 until the song ends. Watch it! If you wanna do it again, thats ok!

The end!

Not that long. I know its like soo unlong! Is that a real word? nopeit isn’t. HTML CODE FOR STRAIGHT FACE HERE.


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