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Credit to wiibob.

Ok, here we have stories. If you comment with an idea I will post it!

Story 1:

Nightclub dancing.

Saka98 waddled into the NightClub. Music flowed through the DJ3K Machines into Saka98’s ear. Saka98 entered the Dance Contest. Only 30 penguins entered, and twenty would win. The Contest started, and Saka98 Danced the best he could! He ended up coming in tenth, of the twenty penguins. The twenty contest rolled around, and Saka98 danced even better and came in fifth. The ten contest started, and Saka98 danced the hardest he can. Suddenly a pair of headphones, a jetpack fell in. Saka98 started in shock, missing many notes. Suddenly a penguin busted through the roof. “What the pie?” said Saka98. Suddenly the penguin zipped off a costume and there stood Captin Underpants! “Holey Cow!!” Screamed the contestants. the contest ended, Saka98 falling into last place.



2 Responses

  1. awesome very original

  2. Holy cow!!!

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