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My penguin

I am a boy and I am A Expert at clubpenguin graphics.When you see me on clubpenguin on Sever sleet or frozen,I’ll be an Item Sender or I’ll be taking pictures to edit. Some graphics I do are Personalized puffles,or maybe edited items. I usually wear things such as… The Green cap,Sunglasses, Black hoodie,and Dog claws. All my websites are…Clubpengyclub.wordpress.com,thepufflepersnalizer,wordpress.com, and teamclubpengyclub.w0rdpress.com. Most of the time when you’ll get to see me in real life, I’m playing on the PC Or watching TV. This is my CP Blog! It’s hard to hold. Currently I’m using my Mom’s email,But In the future I will A)Get a twitter account and I will continue on this site B)Move to Blogger and Get a twitter account along with continuing on this site. I choose a. My mom or dad might give me their twitter account,But I’m not sure.If you want to contact me Go to Ludders@aol.com OR You can use that to add me as an admin. I work on the clubpenguincp forum, So if you want to contact me on that its saka98.
In the future the email will be TEAMKA@AOL.COM,THEKATEAM@AOL.COM,OR SAKA98@AOL.COM


One Response

  1. Do u have a cp tracker?
    Saka98: Look on the Character trackers page!!

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