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Nation of Bluerobbers

Table of contents:




4.Agreement/Terms of use





berg, neutral, 1



Abominable: Biggest city,5

If anyone battles us, all spies,owners,and everyone in the army must take over. I will announce and you are to IMMEDIATLY MOVE OUT! if there is a battle and someone has an excuse for not coming,they will stay in the army. If someone says they can come and dont come,they must apologise and give and excuse IMMEDIATLY! if they dont they are of the list!


2. Government

The president,senators,and the governer are on the ranks page. all of them will be ULTAMITE OWNERS. Everyone has to come to battles.



The ranks are : cadet,soldiers, lieutanant & head of lieutanant,captain & head of captain,,major & head of major,colenel and head of colenel,commander,Brigader, field of marshal,general,major general,warlord,head warlord,ambassador,leader,and co-leader.

The OTHER ranks are: da new one, Regular, Ultra soldier, Head of all soldiers,owner,ultamite owner and infinite owner.


4. agreement

By agreeing to be in Blue robbers you must not be mean to other soldiers,especially cadets, must not overtake the army,CANNOT ask for a promotion and then expect to get one,MUST put up with demotions,and agree that you must never get promotion like cadet to leader. Not happening. 0% chance. sorry.



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