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Penguin awards

Here we have penguin awards.

Nominees:Chrisdog93 ,  jmann93, Wiibob7975, Mini pengy 18.YOU vote! Every week players will be chosen for the award!. When we finish the season, you choose nominees by comment,and winners will be annouced.
Well, It’s time to start this. Every FRIDAY I will check votes and then SATURDAY penguins will be chosen. The catergories are:

Most rare

most coins

best party host

most creative

Well, VOTE NOW! Don’t worry penguins, EVERYONE WILL WIN!


3 Responses

  1. Thanks for voting for meh!!

  2. I’m Tommy55560 on Club Penguin and I have a sound T-Shirt, the black sunglasses (rare) and the black hair. I’m not joking, so if you want me on your site. I want to be on it please!

    P.S How do you get the picture of your penguin when you comment?

  3. I’m the one you wanted…

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