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Saka98 history

December 2008: My sisters,Missmgn and Jenalee54s accounts were made.

April 2009: Saka98 was offically created.

December 2009: Saka98 went on again!!!!!!!!!!

June 2010: Saka98 started surfing CP Blogs. The first one he discovered was Clubpenguincp.com

August 5 2010: Clubpengyclub.wordpress.com, Jenalee54.wordpress.com,and missmgncp.wordpress.com was made.

October 2010: Saka98 added his first author,Sledderboyclubpenguin

November 2010: Saka98 gained more authors.

December 2010: Signatures started. The most known is the oldest,KÅ.

Today: Saka98 has 150 more hits to 1000! He currently has around 44 posts, 39 comments, and he works on 11 pages.

Saka98s websites: Thepufflepersonalizer,Clubpenguincheats,Jenalee54s blog,missmgns blog,Neddy3403s CP world. All others are secret


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  1. Bro, we went on before december 2008. It’s more like dec. 2007

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