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Ultamite saka98 finding guide!!! (with tracker)

SERVERS TO SEARCH: sleet,frozen,arctic,abominable.
Tips: if he is on abominable,you will find him at the town,or an igloo. if he is on sleet,He will be at the dock. same with frozen. He will be on for weekdays in the morning in the 7:00 hour,and in the afternoon 4:16-8:00. On weekends it will be from 11:00-11:00,so you can find him. for some real help here is a tracker from

When you find him,there are somethings you can say. YOU CAN SAY….1.SAKA ADD 2.PIEWORLD!3.SAKA I LIKE CHEESE. He might add you.

Add tips: Saka98 will clear his buddy list every saturday,so you can be added.
The tracker is not the best,but will help

Catch me if you can!!


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  1. saka r u here if u r wht server r u on

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